12 easy SEO Tips Every Developer Should Know

12 simple SEO tips that all developers should be aware of! Increase your website traffic with tricks intended for developers. Learn SEO now for developers!

I built an Markdown editor using Next.js and TailwindCss 🔥

Join me on this project where we build an online Markdown editor using the latest version of Nextjs.

The Ultimate Linux Cheat Code Handbook

Think you know Linux? This cheat code handbook will have you mastering the system fast. No more begging for help—dominate command lines like a pro!

Beautify Your GitHub Profile like a Pro

Looking to create a good bio for github? Tips to showcase skills, build online presence, and keep profile visually appealing bio for github.

How to brand yourself (in 9 steps)

Craft a standout personal brand for success. Essential tips for coders and developers to brand themselves effectively amidst competition.

Regex Cheatsheet 101: Your Ticket to Regex Mastery

Master regex and handle strings like a pro! This cheatsheet simplifies key concepts and expressions, making learning regex fun and easy.

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