How to Use 2Captcha to Solve reCaptcha V3 Challenges in Python 3

Master reCaptcha V3 challenges with Python and 2Captcha API. Learn how to use API effectively with this step-by-step guide.

Learn map, filter and reduce in JavaScript: A Guide for Beginners

Learn the basics of Map, Filter, and Reduce in JavaScript. Simplify array operations for more readable and efficient code.

React Mastery: How to Write High Quality Code Like a Pro

Write clean, efficient React code with this guide. Covers best practices, ES6 syntax, and functional components for scalable, maintainable code.

Markdown Cheatsheet

This Markdown cheatsheet covers essential syntax for text formatting, headings, lists, links, images, code blocks, and tables

10 years on the internet

Nostalgic about my 10-year internet journey! From slow downloads to lightning-fast 4G, it's been quite a ride, from pricey data to affordable plans since childhood.

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