10 years on the internet

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10 years on the internet

Nostalgic about my 10-year internet journey! From slow downloads to lightning-fast 4G, it's been quite a ride, from pricey data to affordable plans since childhood.

# Introduction: My Journey with the Internet

Looking back at my 10-year journey with the internet, I can't help but feel nostalgic. It's amazing how much the internet has evolved since I was first introduced to it as a young child. From painfully slow downloads and expensive data rates to lightning-fast 4G connections and affordable plans, it's been quite a ride.

Not everything has been great though. The internet has also brought with it a lot of negative aspects. Read through to find out what I mean.

# I was introduced to internet


When I was in `1st Grade`, I was introduced to the internet. I admit I had no damn clue what it actually was (mind you I was only 6 years old). But I had this idea that you could look for anything you wanted on the internet.

I mean partially true right?

# Expensive collectible

Back then the internet (in India) was really expensive. And it was a luxury item.

Here are some rates I remember:

NOTE: $1 = โ‚น67 (in 2015)

โ‚น 103 = 100 MB for 30 days
โ‚น 750 = 1 GB for 30 days

These rates are jaw-droppingly overpriced compared to today.

# I onboarded the internet

I became a regular user of the internet in the 2015-ish time. I remember I wanted to be a DJ and music producer so I used to vibe to different artists on Soundcloud. I downloaded FL Studio โžš and I kept trying to be the next prodigy. Every song 5 MB song used to take like 10 minutes to download on a good day.


It was also during this time I got on to social media (much to dismay of my family ๐Ÿ˜‚). Everytime I told someone I was on Facebook they used to freak out (Justified as I was 10 year old). Today almost every teenager has a social media presence but back then it was a big deal for a teenager to be on social media.

I remember I also had this small keypad phone which had Opera inbuilt. So I used to browse Facebook on it painfully using those tiny keys.

My desire to become a world famous DJ later faded away as did my pocket money to buy internet. ๐Ÿ˜”

# Things changed

Over the years the internet did get a lot cheaper and a lot faster (thanks to 4G internet). I still posted to social media although my content isn't as cringe-worthy as it once was. I should also admit I spent many Gigabytes watching some not-so-family-friendly content ๐Ÿ˜† (If you know, you know). I still listened to music a lot although that desire to become a DJ demised.

The years 2016-2019 were the best years of my life. I did not spend too much time online. I was busy doing the usual high school stuff (you know, bunking classes, bullying juniors, having fun with friends, the usual stuff). I got a smartphone in 2019 and that certainly impacted my life. I admit life was better before me and my friends all had one.

2020 (And 1 lockdown) later, I am now a self taught developer. I learned a lot of programming during the lockdown period. While I had dabbled in coding since 2018, I took it more seriously during the lockdown. I learned web development, some automation, yada yada the usual stuff...


There you have me, now a completely baffled young adult (Still childish however). That was my 10 year journey of the internet.

# Things I don't like

As much as I love the internet there are some things I hate.

# Conclusion

Looking back at my 10-year journey with the internet, I can't help but feel grateful for all the wonderful experiences it has brought into my life. From discovering my passion for music and other hobbies, to becoming a self-taught developer, the internet has been a catalyst for my personal growth.

But as much as I love the internet, I can't help but feel nostalgic for the simpler times. The 80s were the best time to be alive, where face-to-face interactions were the norm and people captured memories in their hearts, not on their smartphones.

What do you think?