Beautify Your GitHub Profile like a Pro

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Beautify Your GitHub Profile like a Pro

Looking to create a good bio for github? Tips to showcase skills, build online presence, and keep profile visually appealing bio for github.

# Add a

What is the first thing people see when they come to your Github profile?
Your Bio section.
So how can we make a good bio that stands out?
First things first, we create the needed repository.
Head to and create a repo with your username as the repo name.
For example if your username is AcidOP then you must name the repo as AcidOP.
Create Repo
If all has been well you should see the following in your screen:
Special Repo
Now in the repo create a file called
Anything you put in this file will be displayed in your github profile.

# Use your creativity

This is your place to shine ✨
Learn some markdown and put it to good use.

Add a beautiful header 👇

  1. Head to
  2. Customize the banner to your liking.
  3. Download the banner and upload it to github.
  4. Add the line in the beginning of your

Add icons in your Github Bio 👇

Who doesn't love colorful visuals?
Skill Icons is an amazing source of free icons.
Just add the following line:
![My Skills](,html,css,wasm)
Change the ?i=js,html,css to a list of your skills separated by ,.
Find the full list of icons here.

Add statistics in your Github bio 👇

Paste the following in your Readme:

Replace <USERNAME> with your github username
  1. Overall Stats:


    Here you can also customize the theme with the API.
  2. Total Contributions and streaks:

    Go to github-readme-streak-stats.
    Enter your username.
    Paste the given link in your readme: ![](LINK_HERE)
  3. Top languages used:


    github-readme-stats also supports other stats as well.
  4. Visitor Count:


    You can also change the color with the API.
My 2 cents:
AcidOP's Repo

# Pin Best Repositories

Pinned Repos
How can you show off your best projects?
  1. Click on Customize your pins on the top right. (See in the above image)
  2. Select you best projects

# Contribute to projects

How can you build a strong presence on GitHub?
Contribution is key to showing you are an active and passionate member of the developer community.
You will add to the community as well as increase your network with other developers.
Contribution Graph
Here are 4 ways you can contribute:

Spam is a common technique for some developers to contribute, but it's best to stay away from it as it can harm your reputation and cause the project maintainer needless trouble.

# Good GitHub Bio Section

The GitHub bio section is a brief introduction about yourself that appears at the top of your profile.
It is important to keep it simple yet engaging.
Here are 3 tips to write a good bio:
Additional Pro tips:

# Profile Readme Builders

There are 5 automated readme builders for free:
  1. gh-profile-readme-generator
  5. GPRM
You can check out my Github profile for some inspiration.
In conclusion, these tips will help you beautify your GitHub profile and make it stand out from the crowd. Remember to keep it updated, engaging and relevant to your skills and interests. Happy coding!